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Loans and women, in my family

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I was just discussing about Loans for Women with my sister T’rashara, who recently requested one for her old house on Andoria. It’s certainly not discriminatory a talk—I’m not that kind of person!—but a simple observation of a fact.

We were simply saying that women use to ask for personal loans and cash advance plans more often than men do. Perhaps because they care more about family and children, I said. T’rashara says that sometimes it’s also because girls are vain, and they spend a lot on futile things, but I don’t think so… I mean, a loan is a serious thing, and requesting one just for shopping looks weird. I wouldn’t do that, T’rashara wouldn’t do that, and my mama as well. All women I’ve met through my life were serious about this stuff.

I guess it’s just a matter of sensibility. Women care more about saving up and bringing more food onto their children’s table. I find that touching, and I hope my future wife will be like that. I want someone who cares deeply about her family, not a vain money-wasting chic.

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