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I got my files back and everything’s fine now ^^

Alright, looks like I managed to recover my files from this computer. It wasn’t my siblings’ fault, but me inadvertently moving my website folder into another folder inside my HD partition. How lame of me, huh? =.=’ I feel so idiot, ahah! Well, at least there was no fight with my siblings, it all went nice and smooth. :) I don’t like fighting anyway, not even with words, but sometimes I get a higher voice tone when I get angry. It was not the case; I have my files back in place now. :P LoL.

So, I’m off to read a book by anne a lay apostle that I borrowed from my brother Longreen. He said it’s very inspiring and healthy to the spirit, so I’m willing to give it a try. :) I’ll publish a book review in my Visitors page if I like it.

See ya.

Posted Mar 12, 2010. Filed under Life, Books. 61 comments.

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