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Just some Casino tips :P

I know, I know… I still write about casino games at times. ^^ But the thing is, my brother-in-law Nixon is so hooked on them that he makes me wish I was older and could play them too! How about growing up faster? :P LOL.

So, here’s a couple tips from OnlineCasinoTX.com (a rating guide for casino players):

1- always try the best rated online casinos, like Rushmore or Pure Vegas, because they guarantee honest application of rules, and no bluffs;

2- if you don’t want to play with real money online, there is the option of playing free gambling games, which is recommended for beginners.

The last tip was especially suggested by my dear brother-in-law, who’s a real pro in this kind of games. :P Ahah, I hope I can try them soon as I become legal. Yay!

Posted Apr 10, 2010. Filed under Brothers, Games. 55 comments.

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