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My 18th birthday

All this posting, and then I forget blogging about my birthday. How clever of me. Haha! Yes people, little Promet officially turned 18 (8) on June 4th, and the day tasted wonderful because all of his family and best friends were around him, all reunited to celebrate the day I came into the world.

The party was nothing spectacular, but it felt warm and fuzzy all around. A hand-made chocolate cake baked by my mom, cookies made by my brothers Sonny and Jazz Tiger, a lot of sweet little presents and all of my siblings, friends and grandpa around me. We celebrated in the afternoon, because in the morning my parents’ friend Falcon Lady came over to chit-chat and tell me happy birthday. She brought me some home-made vanilla cookies, which were delicious. :9

Mirage gave me some bonus to play slots online (on all4property, a neat casino rating site) as a birthday present. Thanks bro! I wonder what I’d ever do without you. :) I like rating sites because they give me a proper idea on where to go playing online, but anyway, it was wonderful a present from Mirage. I enjoyed it very much.


Posted Aug 8, 2010. Filed under Family, Life, Birthday. 50 comments.

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