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Timothy — The Big Lesson

No big stuff to tell about him: he’s a robot from a team of carpet cleaners austin,tx, he works for http://www.thesteamteam.com/ and his name is Timothy. He owns nothing —but his own life.

That’s the big lesson we can learn from this awesome robot: that life is OURS no matter what, no matter you’re a robot or a human being, no matter the role you have in society.

I’m filled with admiration.

Timothy is one of the best Robocitans —because that he is!— I’ve ever learned about in my life. I’m eager to meet him in person.

He refused to come to Robocity to seek refuge.

Why? —you’d ask.

Simple: Timothy wants to build a second Robocity right there, in Austin, TX, to give shelter to poor robots who need a home so bad… and who can’t risk flying over to Robocity, Italy, to find one.

I think he’s very brave, in a world where cowardice seems to be the norm. Oh, but it’s not! It’s only that people are scared, and they let fear take over.

Timothy doesn’t —because he puts others before his own life. He’s a real leader —NO, he is a Leader, with the capital ‘L’.

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